Missouri River Fishing Report


Water temperatures are perfect hovering slightly below 60 degrees.  Look for prolific midge, trico and small may fly hatches. Streamers will target large trout.  Orange and pink always works for scuds and attractors.  


Flies: Snowshoe Trico, midge cluster, buzz ball, parachute adams, rs2, green machine, micro may, ray charles, ultra scud, hot head ray charles, Sex fly, san juan, sparkle minnows, egg sucking leeches, turkey back cray.  

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Flow is finally low.  Dry fly activity is great.  Look for hatches of PMD's and other may fly variations.  Bring your best cast and some light tippet to catch those sipping trout.  Nymph deep with scuds and small may flies.  

Dries: Small parachute adams, buzz ball, Snowshoe trico, Sparkle Pmd Dun, Smoke Jumper PMD. 

Nymphs: Ray charles, micro may, small pheasant tails, morrish anato, hot head ray charles, ultra scud, zebra midge, juju baetis.  

Streamers: Sparkle minnow, sculpzilla. 

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High and big right now, but consistant fishing in the right type of water! Although wade fishing is an option, fishing from a boat is more productive during these higher flows. Fish the inside bends where slower water is present. Worms of all colors and sizes are working. Maybe a dead drifted crayfish or mid sized streamer, followed by a worm or scud. Caddis in all life phases, (nymph-emerger-dry) can be productive right now as well. If you are looking to dodge the mud, this is a great option right now. 

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Being a tailwater, the clairity is going to be much better up there, especially above the major tributaries, closer to the dams. In the Craig area, reports have been steady, and even a decent streamer bite. Sounds like there are some caddis starting out there now too. 

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Good times on the Mo these days, being a tailwater, when our freestones get dirty, the Missouri is a great day trip spot. Strong bite on the smaller stuff, such as natural colored scuds and BWO and midge type emerger/nymph stuff. Lots of dry flies out, and hopefully more and more fish keyed in on them as the clouds filter back in. 

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Craig is back to the cold and snowy deal lately. Good news if you fish at all in August. The trout appreciate it too. Despite the weather, we have had some friends head up that way. Sounds like pink is still the ticket, and as that water temp creeps up throughout the month, the trout will feed more aggressively. Great things to come here soon on the Mo!

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Definitely a go this weekend and worth the drive. Pink is still king right now, and they should start taking some of the larger worm-type things as water temps rise a bit. The place to be for a lot of swingers out there too (spey fishermen that is). 

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The Mo has had a cold and snowy winter up until recently. The past week has brought warmer temps to the area which have bumped water temps up a couple degrees. This translates to much more active fish. Still search out that slower water, but soon enough the fish will start to move around a bit. The dry fly fishing should improve as we move closer to March. 

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In and around the Craig area is the place to be if you are headed to the Mighty Mo any time soon. Much downstream of Mid Canyon things get hairy (icy). Check the boat ramps prior to planning your shuttle, or maybe decide to run and gun out of your vehicle, stopping by the promising spots to swing a streamer with the two-handed rod. Rising fish? Maybe mid day, I like a royal wulff to a single midge. Nymphing? Definitely, think small and pink. Streamers? Swung slow and deep preferably on a switch rods. Give us a call prior to heading up, we try to get up there whenever we get the chance, never hurts to get the local scoop from the shops up in the Craig or Cascade area as well. Good guys up there!

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Pretty sunny out there just like everywhere else. The bite has been more consistant sub-surface. Had a good report come in today talking about good activity near Craig on pearl lightning bug type stuff. Probably taking it as a baetis type nymph or emerger. The sow bug game is strong right now too, and will continue to be throughout the winter. Clouds would help the dry fly game, if you are trying to chase heads, perhaps throw dry dropper, or something crazy or big just to get a random curiosity strike. 

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